We stopped in York for just a short while on our way to Scotland. I’d wanted to see the Castle of York for years – located in the northern part of England, it was an especially important castle to hold in order to protect England’s interests in the north and is mentioned repeatedly throughout history.

Imagine my surprise then to arrive and learn the castle is no longer standing…

Fortunately the city itself is extremely quaint and still a great place to explore on foot.

In medieval days a wall was built around the entire city to protect it from attacks; the wall still stands in excellent condition and, to my delight, is walkable almost the entire way round.

The below picture shows one of the wall gates still being used as an entrance to the city.

As mentioned earlier, what Braveheart the history books refer to commonly as York Castle is no longer standing. All that’s left of the fortified complex once including a sequence of castles, prisons, law courts and other buildings is the old castle keep called Clifford’s Tower.

Built between 1245 and 1262, the keep is now in ruins, existing only of a grassy center known as the ‘Eye of York’.

The pictures above show the view from inside the keep; it wasn’t quite the experience I was imagining when I planned to see York Castle but it was interesting all the same!

All in all, while I enjoyed seeing the city, I wouldn’t recommend making this stopover for anyone that’s truly on a time crunch.

Thanks for reading!

xo Carrie